Our Lifestyle Centre provides high quality meals prepared on site. Our staff and guests share home-cooked plant-based meals, prepared from carefully selected ingredients.
Every season, more and more of our food comes from our own organic garden.
Our Health Shops also provide fantastic prices for whole-food plant-based products.


We recognize the value of keeping the body’s blood circulating well. Our farm environment provides the optimal opportunity for healthful outdoor time. Guests and staff can enjoy the beautiful surroundings on walks, and the gardens provide ample opportunity for exploring the beauty of nature.


We recognize the value of fresh water. Our water sources are clean and fresh, but we take the use of water one step further.
Guests are given hydrotherapy on site and they are taught various techniques for water treatments to do at home.



Sunlight is a crucial part of health. In addition to providing opportunity for our guests to enjoy sunshine, we also use infrared and natural light to aid in treatments.



We believe that above al things, our health serves to protect our minds. We believe it is a God-given right to care for our bodies and minds through practicing self-control in our choices
While guests are with us, we share our tired and tested tips for staying away from unhealthful temptations.



Cells die without sufficient oxygen, but what many people don’t know, is that oxygen can treat diseases. We chose our farm-setting for the benefits of fresh air, and we utilize oxygen in some of our highly effective treatments.



Finding the balance between exercise and rest, is a key part of health and healing. We use this very balance in all our treatments. We strive to teach guests how to incorporate rest in their lifestyles. 



We do not place our trust in human knowledge unless it is fully in line with all of God’s Word. We believe God is the Great Physician, and that we are utterly dependent on Him for health and wellness. Guests are, however, free to their own religious opinions.

Remedies 2


As a rule, we do not interfere with medical treatment for our guests. However, we strive to offer and teach regarding natural remedies that are safe, effective, and free from side effects or dangerous outcomes.


Nutrition begins in the garden. Since the kitchen is central to the health of a home, we try to ensure that our garden supplies the best ingredients to our farm kitchen. This year has brought many blessings.


Our staff recognize that the kitchen is the heart of health. We prepare food with the greatest care and we share our cooking knowledge at every opportunity presented. Preparing hearty plant-based meals can be tricky. We are grateful for over 20 years of experience to give us confidence in the positive effects of wholesome food, on the health of all who share the meal.



We are so blessed to have the privilege of working with guests on a regular basis. Our facilities are still expanding and we are always working on improving them. We are constantly amazed at how much can be done with simple supplies.