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Be Free to be HEALTHY

The path to optimal health is achieved through personal protocols and group workshops. We offer a multifaceted Lifestyle Intervention program  which includes the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of living. Lifestyle is the most powerful tool that we have at our disposal and it has a greater impact on health than any other single factor or therapy. We believe in healing by changing and empowering lives and not in just treating symptom.

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Be Free Services

Multifaceted Approach to Health

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Lifestyle Centre

Lifestyle Intervention programs usually consist of 10 days per program, where guests visit our farm in Barrydale, enjoy top quality food, treatments, remedies, and more.

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Research and Development

We are constantly researching more and love sharing our knowledge on natural health treatments. Workshops are offered to Lifestyle Intervention guests, as well as to training medical missionaries.
We are also launching online training workshops in the near future.

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Health Shop

Healthy food produce is for sale at Barrydale Farm, as well as from our shop on the grounds of Helderberg College Campus. 
Produce is sourced from top quality farmers and suppliers, and all produce form part of a whole-foods plant-based diet.

Be Free Lifestyle Centre

Farm Simplicity

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Rest and Revival
Nutritious Dining

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Health Education