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Module 1 Training No 2

June 30, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - July 9, 2017 @ 10:00 am

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Training Seminar

Module I

Course Outline


  1. COURSE DESCRIPTION An intensive course of 120 hours aimed at providing the participant with the knowledge and lifestyle skills needed to perform a successful proactive wellness program. The underlying philosophy of practice is obtained from the writings of E G White and is underscored by modern science. The methods used are simple, affordable, and effective.
  1. PURPOSE OF THE COURSE The learning process requires that the participant “live the lifestyle” while obtaining the necessary skills. The student experiences a partial personal detoxification during the course. It is imperative that all known medical conditions and substance addictions be made known on the medical forms provided. Failure to do this can result in the student experiencing unnecessary symptoms and missing vital class hours. Lecture hours missed can result in loss of course certification. All medical information supplied remains strictly confidential.




Wellness and health, a balanced life, causes of disease, lifestyle alteration techniques.

Topics – endorphins, cholesterol, blood sugar, immune system, phytochemicals, the enzyme cascade, homocysteine. The eight principles of health as expressed in the NEWSTART program.


Nutrition – The diet for optimum health, body reactions to specific habits. Reasons for a plant-based diet during the detoxification process, potential concerns
Exercise – How to initiate and maintain a simple program. Reasons for.
Water – Internal an external use. The methodology of external use will be taught during the Hydrotherapy sessions.
Sunshine – Safe habits, use of sunshine during the detoxification process. Cautions and dangers.
Temperance – Moderation, our addictive society and results of the addictive lifestyle. The adult child and co-dependency.
Air – Importance of clean fresh air, body reactions to atmospheric ions.
Rest – A 24-hour habit. Achieving this goal. Insomnia.
Trust in God – Vertical and horizontal habits. By “beholding we become changed”.



3.2.1 The four movements of Swedish massage required to perform a safe and effective back massage. Cautions and contra-indications. Preparation of the client and facilities.

3.2.2 The chair massage and its application.

3.2.3 By the end of the course each participant will exhibit the ability to successfully perform both the back and the chair massage Competency will be recorded.



Only the procedures required for the detoxification process will be taught

3.3.1 Scientific perspectives.

3.3.2 Preparation of the hydrotherapy room and equipment.

3.3.3 Cautions and contra-indications.

3.3.4 The Chair Sweat – Sitting Version of Russian Steam Bath. Adapting skills to perform a hot foot bath. Adapting skills to use of steam cabinet.

3.3.5 The Wet Sheet Pack. By the end of the course each participant will exhibit the ability to successfully perform all procedures. Competency will be recorded.


3.4 DIET AND NUTRITION The nutritional knowledge acquired will be applied in the menu during the seminar. Participants are encouraged to assist in the kitchen whenever possible in order to gain insights into food preparation.. A simple and cost-effective one-week program of

recipes will be supplied. It is based on the two-meals-a-day premise. The participant will understand the rationale behind the need for a plant based diet during the detoxification process.


3.5 PRINCIPLES OF WELLNESS CENTRE PRACTICE I Correct professional behavior and limitations of practice will be addressed.


3.6 PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING Reasons for medical missionary work. Our commission.

Relevant sections of the book “Ministry of Healing” will be explored and discussed. Leading people to Christ – the reason for this program. Achievement of a successful relationship with Christ.


3.7 SUBSTANCE ABUSE a. Our addictive society b. Drugs – Recognition of withdrawal symptoms c. Withdrawal symptoms and the detoxification process d. Remedies used in the program, scientific perspectives, reasons for use, indications and contraindications e. Methodology of preparation and administration of remedies used.



3.8.1 Health Yardsticks – Warnings of impending ill health. Body pH.

3.8.2 Charcoal uses, drug overdose and the preparation of the charcoal poultice, its storage and application.

3.8.3 The human bowel and the detoxification process, flora

3.8.4 The applied first aid kit



Please contact the Office for details.



June 30, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
July 9, 2017 @ 10:00 am


BeFree Lifestyle – Barrydale
079 685 9629


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Barrydale, Western Cape 6750 South Africa
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